In the episode “Jaws Wired Shut“, Homer got his jaws shut by wires after sustaining injuries (courtesy of a punch by a bronze Drederick Tatum statue). While his mouth was shut, he managed to keep himself from making any dumb remarks–but what was important, was that he became a listener. He listened to his family’s ramblings and problems, and he didn’t even need to answer most of the time, but it made those who were listened to happy. Happy because there was someone listening to them.

Heck, if this is an English essay, I’d be lucky to get away with an anecdotal opening straight out of The Simpsons. My point was, however, if you keep quiet you can listen to what the world has to say.

That was exactly how i felt these few months. I kept quiet, and I listened.

But the world was so full of shit.

I didn’t actually stopped blogging on purpose–the fire just went out of me when I started my summer job. There was just not enough time to write in those days. And eventually I just stopped.

Sometimes, I guess you just need to take a break. Try to see the bigger picture and figure out where you fit in.

I confess, after 4 years of blogging about what I do, why I do it and other seemingly important stuff (I blogged about lost kingdoms in Johor a few years back), it could get tiring.

If ever there was a time to reboot this tired story, now should be the time. The world might be full of shit, but why can’t it be mine?

Shop’s open, boys and girls!