Last time, I outlined the string theory and its (theoretical) impact on our lives. The concepts in string theory, however, requires a minimum of 10-11 dimensions, and up to 26 for some theories.

I stumbled upon this video which illustrates the concepts in the book “Imagining the Tenth Dimension” by Rob Bryanton. The animation does a good job explaining the simple concepts of dimensions and planes.

In short, the dimensions can be represented by:

  • 0th dimension: a point
  • 1st dimension: a line between 2 points
  • 2nd dimension: a plane, with lines intersecting—possessing length and width, but not depth
  • 3rd dimension: a fold, jumping from a line to another, to a space—possessing length, width and depth
  • 4th dimension: a line, the addition of “time” as a dimension along with the 3 spatial dimensions. This can be explained by imagining the space in 3 dimensions as a point, and a line between 2 of those points (i.e. “timeline”) as the 4th dimension.
  • 5th dimension: a split, from our current reality to all possible alternative futures
  • 6th dimension: a fold, jumping from our 5th dimension to another 5th dimension, i.e. to an alternative timeline of our reality
  • 7th dimension: a point, by treating a 6th dimension (all probabilities of reality from the initial point—big bang—to the infinity) as a point
  • 8th dimension: a split, from a line moving from a 6th dimensional point to all possible points, where points are different universes (from big bang to infinity) with maybe differing rules (physics, etc)
  • 9th dimension: a fold, jumping from an 8th dimension branch to another
  • 10th dimension: a point, treating all possible branches,of all possible universes and all possible timeline as a point.

These concepts all look like it’s stripped out of comic books, with the alternate universes and time travel. It’s a bit hard to accept, I guess, but the concept itself is very intriguing. It does put a perspective into our lives, considering that our whole life and the universe itself is already just a speck of point in the 7th dimension.