Best. Birthday. Ever.

So far!

I would like to thank, from the bottom of my stupid heart, my friends and family for the best birthday ever. Big hugs to Puteri, Sunny, Hawa, Anas and Nik Arif for being around, watching The Simpsons Movie DVD and having a pizza party the day after. To Sheera, Fini and May: wish u gals were here! Thanks to every single one of my parents and brothers who sent me different personal SMSes (that’s a first! lolz). Thanks to If, Dewi, Di and others for the messages and calls.

Thanks to dearest Puteri and my bro Sunny for the geekiest presents: a Fossil World Dual Time watch and The Star Wars Vault massive collectibles collection. (p.s: Maybe one day I’ll get around to reviewing it. It’s bloody huge I tells ya! As huge as the Death Star itself! =P)

Getting first turn in Cranium for the whole week was an awesome bonus too!