After weeks of hype, Malaysian underground kings Butterfingers has released the video of their first single from the upcoming album Kembali. It is called “1000 Tahun”:

My first thought was: “Is this a joke?”

The lyrics were at best prosaic, and at worst, juvenile. Lousy rhyming, lousy choice of words…they painfully reminded me of a Malay who spent all his years abroad and had forgotten how to speak his native language, not unlike frontman Emmett a long time ago.

I am staunchly unapologetic, because this is NOT their first Malay album. What’s worse is the fact that lyrics from Selamat Tinggal Dunia are way more articulate than this. With the barrage of young and upcoming local bands choosing to sing in Malay—with better-sounding albeit questionable lyrics—where would this legendary band fit in?

As for the music video itself….I’m sure they’re pulling my leg. I’m sure somewhere in their studio they’re laughing their ass off seeing the shock on their fans’ faces. This CAN NOT be the video. The video is so terrible, it can only be a behind-the-scene take, right? It’s out-of-sync with the music, just a lot of overlayed “artistic” shots. The Butters themselves, especially Loque the guitarist, had this wtf-am-I-doin’-here look . The cameramen where visible for God’s sake!!

Compare this to the video for “Kabus Ribut” off Selamat Tinggal Dunia (2005):

Heck, even the video for “Chrome” off 1.2 Milligrams (1996) was, ironically, years ahead:

The only redeeming factor is the music itself, unmistakenly Butterfingers. Catchy tune, excellent guitar work, solid beats. Emmett has settled down into his new style, forged since Malayneum, and no more channelling Kurt Cobain. Loque’s riffs are more indie-sounding rather than hard rock, essentially driving the song throughout. Bassist Kadak and drummer Loko are currently among the best in the business, and I couldn’t ask for more from such luminaries.

I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, and can not wait for the launch of Kembali at 06.07.08.

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Update (21/05/2008): On 29 March 2008, Butterfingers posted the REAL, intended music video for “1000 Tahun”. I love this one very much, it’s beyond brilliant:

Poking fun on Amuk, Too Phat, generic Indo bands and mat rempits will always be funny. Thank you, Butterfingers.

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Slightly off-topic, hey, it’s Valentine’s Day!

To those with their loved ones, take it easy. To those still single, maybe you can check The Single (Girls) Guide to Valentine’s Day.

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