In the light of the Malaysian 2008 General Election, this piece of article from the New Straits Times illustrates exactly the public’s doubt on politicians. Among others, it says:

…many are willing to be candidates but who can best represent and serve the people and take the country forward in an increasingly competitive and globalised world and who will merely be seat warmers or warlords who have more destructive than constructive value?…

…Not many are willing to accept that their time is up or that they are not good enough to be candidates. And that’s when they use all the pressure they can muster and all the threats they can convey to force the leadership to choose them as candidates…

..They seek the favours of so-called power-brokers, they try their luck with the press, calling for press conferences to explain why their constituents still need them. The old ones say they can still walk 10km a day and so are fit to stand for office.

The young ones say they have the energy to run around. The rich ones say they have money and so will not be corrupt.

With all their reasons and excuses, one can write 10 books on Politics for Dummies.

Well you know what they say—those who desire to be in office should immediately be banned from it.