Let me make this a blunt post. Very very blunt.

It is of my opinion that PETA‘s naked protest are not only misguided, but just purely plainly idiotic. “I’d Rather Go Naked than Wear Fur”, indeed.

What exactly is stopping you then? Go ahead then, go naked! In fact, every single hot models/celebrities/publicity-hunter should go naked for PETA (operative word being “hot”).

The fact that the protests are futile is reinforced by today’s protest against bullfighting in—surprise, surprise—Circular Quay, Sydney, Australia.

Yes, apparently people have weekly bullfights in AUSTRALIA. Why not protest the Spanish tradition in freaking Spain when you can do it in, oh say, Australia?!

On this entire sham of getting naked, let me put this in elementary logic:

I wear fur/support bullfighting/eat meat = hot girls naked.
Hot girls naked = good.
Hence, I wear fur/support bullfighting/eat meat = good.

Fat lot of good it’s doing eh?

Do us a favour please. Just get naked. Spare us the marketing bullshit.