Disclaimer: I watched Iron Man on the 3rd of May. This post is belated.

It is hard not to hate Tony Stark after the events of Civil War. Goliath was killed1. Captain America (man!) was assasinated2. Tony instigating a war with Atlantis3. Tony’s appointed to head S.H.I.E.L.D4. The Mighty Avengers were formed and the new New Avengers went into hiding5.

The Iron Man film shocked me like a solid left hook to the jaw. It was surprisingly exceptional. I fucking loved it. People’s faith in Tony Stark is restored.

The movie was still refreshing (considering we already know how the story going to unfurl) without annoying the fanboys. Think of it like the phenomenal Transformers film.

Robert Downey Jr. was the spitting image of Tony. Terence Howard as Jim Rhodes was okay, considering it’s a prelude to his upcoming role.

Sure there are some complaints. Pepper as the blonde (potential) love interest? Happy reduced to JUST a measly driver? Jarvis as a disembodied voice of a butler? (Although to be fair, an English butler would be too Wayne-ish.) Iron Man battling Taliban-ish terrorist cell?! What is this…Holy Terror, Batman?!

But where there were small letdowns, there were chock-full of delights for the fanboys. An allusion to Mandarin in Ten Rings, the terrorist organisation (thanks Nik Arif). Jim Rhodes eyeing the suit wistfully, saying “Maybe next time”. Tony Stark confessing he’s Iron Man…which he would probably retract and reconfess numerous times after. Stan Lee working his Hugh Hefner mojo.

And the mother of all cameos…Samuel L. Jackson as the motherfucking Nick Fury from The Ultimates! For those of you who haven’t read The Ultimates, read it! Now!

The movie has made Iron Man lovable again. Maybe the upcoming The Incredible Hulk will make the public go gaga over Hulk again, after the debacle that was World War Hulk?

Hey, Marvel fucking planned this didn’t they? It makes so much sense now.

The upcoming Captain America movie to cash in on his death.
Thor movie for those who missed him after Ragnarok and the Clone Thor.
The Avengers movie since people can’t decide between The Mighty or New Avengers…

Damn you, Marvel!

DC, you’ve got a lot of work cut out for you. Here’s hoping The Dark Knight will be mindblowingly awesome.


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  5. Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America #2 & Civil War: The Initiative

* * * * *

The other day Puteri told me that she liked Tony Stark because he’s a superhero..with a moustache! Which is something you don’t see every day. She compared him to Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne (which are from DC).

So I took up her challenge to find superheroes with facial hair in the DC Universe.

It took me some time before I remembered about Oliver Queen (Green Arrow). She laughed and did a Robin Hoodey line dance (I don’t know how to describe this) to illustrate the absolute un-macho-ness of Ollie’s stupid moustache.

How about Arthur Curry (Aquaman)? Too much like a hobo for her liking. Even he himself has shaven them off nowadays.

I was stumped! Nobody else in the Justice League had or has facial hair, even the newer versions of themselves!

Marvel’s Tony Stark, Luke Cage, Thor and Wolverine all have bad-ass facial hair! Even that pussy Hank Pym grew some stubble.

Just shows you how different DC and Marvel are.

Don’t worry, I’m still a DC-boy. Haha.