What a riot. A Queensland academic is recommending people go to the movies to see a remake of My Best Friend’s Wedding rather than watch State of Origin.

Although I try not to get too frenzied about State of Origin (especially after 2 consecutive losses by the Blues), it is interesting to consider the point made by someone from the fairer sex:

Across two states, people who at other times of the year would neither know nor care about the oval ball game, apart from perhaps an office tipping competition, start quoting statistics about which team has the stronger backline.

Heck, I don’t even care much about rugby league and I still know the first game is going to be tonight.

Among the things that baffles her:

I don’t get it, why do people with brains enough to know that rugby league is a game played by Neanderthals whip themselves into hysteria at this time every year? Why do people celebrate and mourn as though State of Origin actually matters?

Is it that mind-boggling? I should hope not. Perhaps it is rather simple.

Most men love sports, so it is only natural that our friends will talk about sports most of the time (when we’re not talking too much about women). In a sports-crazy nation like Australia, it is even more so. Sports is a creed. A religion. And State of Origin is a pilgrimage for the sports-nuts in NSW and Queensland.

Boy, you should’ve been in New Zealand during the Rugby World Cup last year. That was even crazier.

And when everyone is talking about it, how else are you going to join in the conversation and not feel left out if you don’t know shit about it? That’s why we who “neither know nor care about the oval ball game” will “start quoting statistics about which team has the stronger backline”.

It’s not that much different with women. Most of us want to fit it comfortably in the society.

For the rest, maybe it is time for those of us who think State of Origin sucks stood up and were counted.

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Hey, Death Cab For Cutie is hosting stereogum today! And MSO Mamak Night tonight!

Update (21/05/2008 10.25 pm): NSW won the first game 18-10.