What is normalcy?

It is certainly not being disconnected from the internet. I was certain that I’d go crazy, but time and time again, I survived another bout of having no internet at my beck and call. Mind you, this was not the first time, and it seemed to get easier every time.

In fact, I got a lot of stuff done without internet, things I wanted to do but never “got the time”. I read Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. I painted. I finally got to listen to a lot of albums I’ve forgot I have. I had almost reached the point where I couldn’t be bothered having internet.

But oh, how I suffered! My productivity hit rock-bottom, without the means to reach people instantly and free of charge. Not having emails and RSS at the tips of my fingers! No IMs with loved ones! No spur-of-the-moment wiki! Oh, the horror!

Worst of all, I was suffering badly from music withdrawal. I could no longer tolerate repeated listenings of Across The Universe OST and Crowded House.

Naturally, the first thing I did after getting my sweet sweet internet was to get ahold of some albums that have been nagging at my mind for some time:

Expect to see tracks from these albums on my last.fm chart (on the right) these few days.

Still waiting for these to come out:

*p.s.: Have you tried Firefox 3 (Release Candidate 1) yet? It’s bloody awesome.