An Islamic group today condemned the uniform worn by girls at government schools, saying it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex.

This sentence perfectly sums up all that is wrong with the path taken by some a lot of learned Malaysians in tackling this issue:

The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction. It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it.


It’s NOT the fault of the men for not staying their eyes to feast on those nubile young schoolgirls. NOT the fault of the sick old men who prey on those innocent and naive. NOT the fault of those who behave worse than animals.

It’s the goddamn white blouse!

Sure, blame the schoolgirl.

What makes it sad (and perhaps insulting) is the fact that the statement is by a woman. Insulting to women by insinuating that victims of heinous sex crimes are at their own fault. Insulting to men by suggesting that we have no control over our carnal urges.

Mind you, she’s not even talking about those “naughty” girls who don’t have their headscarves on or wear visible black/colourful undergarments under the “too transparent”  blouse. She’s talking about girls in general.


…suggesting that girls wear a blouse…with an undergarment.

Man, I didn’t know schoolgirls now are going commando! Kids these days, I tell you.

Maybe she forgot why we (hey, I was in school once too) wear white to school, besides that it is, well, uniform: it’s cheap. Numerous unfortunate parents can’t even afford the white uniforms, much less getting the coloured ones which cost more.

Add to this fact that Malaysia is goddamn hot.

Not every girls have the comfort of being in an all-girls school where there is no chance of “seducing” a boy. It’s an all too familiar tale, told by numerous girls, especially those who went to boarding schools, where the rules are stricter and the seniors reigned supreme:

  • “Don’t pull your sleeves up, you’ll show your wrists and the boys might as well perform mandi wajib” (because they boys get sooo excited seeing the girl’s wrists).
  • “…And wear a tight long sleeve inside your loose blouse while you’re at it”.
  • “You must wear kain dalam under your skirt, because otherwise boys can see your thighs”.
  • “Wear your headscarves, and don’t hike it over your shoulders because the boys can see your breasts” (a commandment which was enforced more torturously to those who had blossomed early).
  • “Don’t wear fancy socks”.

My favourite (I digress, it has nothing to do with the uniform):

  • “When talking to boys, you must NOT face each other. Talk back to back.”

And you public school girls thought you had it easy, with your restrictions on coloured headbands, hairclips, hairbands and whatnots.

Ooh, I can hear the court defence already: “Your honour, my client pleads not guilty to raping the victim. It was his nature, the girl’s school uniform was just too sexy.”

Update (23/05/2008): Being such an utterly foolish reasoning, it is only befitting that the statement has faced numerous ridicule and mock. Among others: