Two months since the release of the first single “1000 Tahun (Mahu Hidup)” from their upcoming album Kembali, perennial Malaysian rock rebels Butterfingers had released their next single “Maharani” yesterday:

The opening riff emanates Butterfingers straight away! I hope that’s frontman Emmett behind the violin, something dearly missed at least since Malayneum‘s “Pacific”.

I loved this song from the first listen. Although I’ve grown to like “1000 Tahun” which I severely critiqued before, this new single had me hooked as a favourite from the album.

Musically, it’s a jolly simple verse-chorus-verse-chorus rocking song, a trend which will dominate the new album, if these two singles are anything like it. It seems Butterfingers have done proving their music cred, and now it’s time to just make songs that people love! Simple as the song is, check out the bluesy lick during the breakdown.

The lyrics? Annoyingly catchy and not as nauseating as 1000 Tahun. I can almost dig “Mereka kata ku samseng, tapi aku tak ambil pusing.”

If you haven’t heard “1000 Tahun” yet, here it is:

I really hope these guys kick some Akademi Fantasia asses in the airwaves back home. Here’s to them finishing this album this year, because this fan can wait not much longer!