I bet thousands of people were glued to their laptops on the midnight of 17th June 2008 to get their Firefox 3 and contribute to Guinness World Record for Most Software Downloaded in 24 hours. Imagine how disappointed we were when it was announced that the official 24 hours starts at 17.00 UTC.

For those of you in Australia, that’s 3.00 freaking a.m. of 18th June 2008. NOT 17th June 2008. Hurmph. I seem to remember SpreadFirefox urging us to hold a party, or take a lunch break to download, that sort of thing. Not much we can do in the middle of the night, huh?

Even when the time comes, the server of all Mozilla-related websites were crashing with load of demand. The updater were sending cryptic messages. How can this be? You were practically inviting millions of us to crash your servers!

I gave up after just 5 minutes of refreshing, knowing that this won’t be fixed soon.

Cue next morning after waking up, and I was greeted by this on Mozilla.com:www.mozilla.comSweet!

So I downloaded the latest version, yadda yadda. I was already using the Release Candidate 2 anyway.

Then Hawa pointed out that I can get a certificate detailing my contribution from SpreadFirefox. Voila:

Download Day 2008 cert

Have you downloaded yours yet? You can still contribute to the world record! Get it here.

Mozilla has hosted this awesome download counter. At this point of writing, it has reached 3.9 million plus downloads at a rate of 10.5 thousand downloads per minute.