When I was in high school, I bought a tape of Snot‘s Strait Up. Of course I didn’t know what the album was about, or even who Snot was . I just bought it because it featured almost all of the best vocalists of nu-metal at that time.

Of course now I know that the album was a tribute to Snot’s late frontman Lynn Strait, and the vocalists were invited to finish the vocal-less tracks. It was a glimpse of what the band could be if Lynn didn’t meet his untimely death. They must have gathered a lot of respect to get such a line-up to contribute.

Afterwards, the remaining members of Snot joined, albeit shortly, a number of prominent nu-metal bands such as Soulfly, Amen, Sevendust and Hed PE. A few years later, the world has forgotten about Snot.

That was until a few days ago, when Snot announced that they’re reforming with ex-Divine Heresy vocalist, Tommy Vext. I think he looks and sounds a bit like Howard Jones, just listen to their latest track “The Band Plays On”, from their MySpace profile: