The director-general of Malaysian Immigration Dept, Datuk Mahmood Adam today suggested that foreign students in Malaysia should be segregated in a special area since they possess clashing cultures with that of the locals.

Way to go to promote Malaysian hospitality and tolerance.

He claimed that foreign students like to party after midnight until they’re drunk, which would disturb the peace with the locals. Putting them in one area also helps the department to monitor the students, thus enabling them to cancel their study pass as soon as a student commit an offence.

Wow, so Malaysia is now a police state, where your social life is subject to scrutiny? Not only have you pigeon-holed all foreigners as party animals, you are also imposing our way of life on unsuspecting people.

This is the best part, where he said,

Kalau boleh mereka (pelajar asing) ini perlu tinggal satu tempat tertentu bersama-sama rakan-rakan dari negara yang sama.”

That roughly translates into, “If possible, these foreign students should live in a specific place with their friends from the same country.”

What the fuck?

Among the first things that Malaysian Students Department officers teach to our freshies overseas is that Malaysians should go out of their comfort zone, out of their usual circle of friends and mingle with the locals. We should observe their customs, learn what’s good with their culture and implement it. The undesirable ones, we should leave them with the locals.

We should not maintain the attitude of “katak bawah tempurung“.

I’m sure the foreign students in Malaysia feel the same way. They want to observe the Malaysians they have heard so much about. They want to taste our fabled street food, delight in our colourful cultural performances, see Malaysia’s pristine beauty. Feel Malaysian hospitality.

But BAM! No, you have to stay in your “designated area” with people from your country, just because some other morons get drunk.

Enough with this babysitting. If some of them are disturbing the peace, that’s what the police force is for.

Update (14/10/2008): A quick google on “Datuk Mahmood Adam” brought me to another affront by him, where he advocated nepotism in the Immigration Department.