Coffee Conversations turns one today! Yeay!

To celebrate its first year, I’ll be giving out these awards—which are solely at my own discretion—for the year ending 25/10/2008:

Top Posts
Given to posts in Coffee Conversations with the most hits:

  1. I Can Has 1337 Code? (2,595 views)
  2. Sexy Malaysian Schoolgirls (1,748 views)
  3. League of Extraordinary Freelancers, Unite! (632 views)
  4. Walk Down the Right Back Alley… (622 views)
  5. Butterfingers Kembali (491 views)

Top Referrers
Given to blogs from which the most views of Coffee Conversations come:

  1. Therapeutic Ramblings by Shaheera Djafar (224 views)
  2. N A O M I by The N.A.O.M.I.(97 views)
  3. …life as it is… by Siti Dalilah Meli (90 views)
  4. Chaotic Me by Nadhiah Abd Rahman, who is NOT TOTALLY my sister (78 views)
  5. L’esprit de l’escalier by Sabrina Hanim (66 views)

Favourite Posts
Given to my favourite posts in Coffee Conversations which are not in the Top Posts:

  1. The Renaissance of Malaysian Rock: A Review of Butterfingers’ Kembali
  2. An Open Letter to Frank Miller
  3. Oh MIMOS, When Will You Learn!
  4. Rudd’s Full Apology
  5. Australia on Malaysian Election

Top Commenter
Given to individual with the most comments on Coffee Conversations:

Most WTF Search Term
Given to perplexing search engine term people use and directed to Coffee Conversations:

  • Haryani sex which came up countless times since then.

Best Read Blog
Given to the blog in my blogroll which I find the most interesting and satisfying to read:

Honourable mentions: Just you, me, and… by Puteri Zatil Aqmar, Hawa You by Hawa Othman

Best Written Blog
Given to the blog in my blogroll with the most graceful writing:

Honourable mention: L’esprit de l’escalier by Sabrina Hanim

Prettiest Blog
Given to the blog in my blogroll with the best layout and design (not elligible for blogs since they can’t change their themes):

Honourable mentions: Hawa You by Hawa Othman, Therapeutic Ramblings by Shaheera Djafar, against all ODDs by Raudha Husain

Serial Bloggers
Given to the bloggers in my blogroll with the most frequent updates:

We-Miss-You Award
Given to noteworthy bloggers in my blogroll who have disappeared from the blogosphere:

Come back, please! Pretty please?

Coffee Conversations Fan of The Year

  • Nik Arif Izani, for pestering me for new updates, and constantly declaring his love for Coffee Conversations for the gazillionth times.

That’s all folks! Congratulations to all winners and stay tuned for the same awards (and maybe more) next year!

Thank you to everyone for supporting Coffee Conversations. You guys keep me online.