I followed mom to work today in MARDI Serdang HQ, since her PC needs some tuning up, and I saw this sweet ride parked outside her department:

MARDI Lamborghini Tractor 2

oh my, a SILVER tractor?

That’s a Lamborghini tractor you’re looking at, man.

MARDI Lamborghini Tractor 1

it's not Reventón, but still...

It even has air-conditioning for those hard works, toiling at the farm under the harsh Malaysian sun.


I can sense playa-haters from the kampungs already.

* * * * *

Thanks to my new combo of Windows Live Writer, its Flickr4Writer plug-in, Picasa and picasa2flickr button, I didn’t even need to boot up Firefox to post this entry. Cool huh? Best of all, I can even save this entry locally, and I have access to every single detail on the WordPress Dashboard’s writing column.

Bye bye Notepad.