Hey, did you hear about the Japanese man (who else) who petitioned to marry an anime character? Apparently, one of the problems with his wish is that polygamy is illegal in Japan. I don’t think they should worry about polygamy in general – just polyandry, right?

Somebody tell me when it’s legal. Mai Shiranui is waiting for me.

[Link via Topless Robot]

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Animes and mangas and marriages not your interest? How about a novel which uses only one vowel for each chapter? Sounds gimmicky, but somebody sure as hell had a lot of time.

Here’s my favourite extract (and the most desperate-sounding one) from the CHAPTER U – FOR ZHU YU off Christian Bok’s “Eunioa”:

Gulls churr: ululu, ululu. Ducks cluck. Bulls plus bucks run thru buckbrush; thus dun burrs clutch fur tufts. Ursus cubs plus Lupus pups hunt skunks. Curs skulk (such mutts lurk: ruff, ruff). Gnus munch kudzu. Lush shrubs bud; thus church nuns pluck uncut mums. Bugs hum: buzz, buzz. Dull susurrus gusts murmur hushful, humdrum murmurs: hush, hush. Dusk suns blush. Surf lulls us. Such scuds hurl up cumulus suds (Sturm und Druck) – furls unfurl: rush, rush; curls uncurl: gush, gush. Such tumult upturns unsunk hulls; thus gulfs crush us, gulp, dunk us – burst lungs succumb.

[BBC via Neatorama]

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It was Halloween yesterday, and the spookiest thing I did was watching a 3-hour Simpsons Treehouse of Horror marathon, the few last minutes of a movie based on a True Singapore Ghost Story, followed by an episode of Transformers G1, and finally Blood: the Last Vampire.

Pathetic, I know.

Puteri meanwhile did her own movie marathon, where she dressed as a witch with a white Jiji, complete with a jack o’ lantern made from yellow capsicum. Yeah, she’s cute like that.

Hey, Google did a modified robots.txt which prevents zombies from getting brains! They added these lines:

User-agent: zombies
Disallow: /brains

It’s things like this that makes me smile on a Halloween night.

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