I was directed to this nice new video of “Stay”, from Estrella’s debut eponymous album through Nora’s tweet:

I won’t talk much about how sweet frontwoman Liyana is, since I’m sure a lot of guys are already slobbering over her. (This reminded me about how shy and bashful she got during the KAMI The Gig final concert when every horny guys and rempits who have probably never got their hands on women started wolf-whistling, asking her to marry them and the lot.)

Instead, I want to talk about the location of the video: it’s Precinct 2, Putrajaya! To be exact, it was in Persiaran Perdana, or The Boulevard as we Putrajaya homies call it. Talk about representin’, yo!

The Boulevard is well-known for its long stretch from Dataran Putra (where Masjid Putra is located) to Dataran Gemilang (near the Putrajaya Convention Centre). Along the stretch is to me the showcase of the best modern Malaysian architecture. A number of ministry complex are situated along it, and all of them possess different architectural themes in each block. Among the more striking buildings are the Ministry of Finance (the building in the background of the video above), Palace of Justice and Perbadanan Putrajaya complex with its metal arch (a hang-out favourite among youths).

This caught my eye a few weeks ago:

The Court wants you to do your job.

The Court wants you to do your job.

Buat Kerja!

You..you mean, we haven’t been doing our job before this?