I finally watched Batman’s latest animation series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold which debuted on 14th November, and replaces the finished The Batman.

It was full of comic references, comedy, retro soundtrack, and was nearly as campy as Adam West’s Batman.

The goddamn Batman even smiled once or twice in this episode.

Guess what? I loved every minute of it. In fact, I went through the episode smiling and laughing at the jokes with my 13-year old brother (both of us DC fans).

In contrast, I nearly covered my eyes in fear during The Dark Knight, was horribly depressed after The Killing Joke, and grimaced with disgust after reading All Star Batman and Robin The Boy Wonder.

I love Batman as a dark and tortured man serving justice without compromise, but I’d much rather prefer this direction rather than letting Frank Miller ruin him. As Michael Jelenic, the co-producer and editor of the series stated in an interview with Wired:

I think the material has been taken as dark as it can go. These darker incarnations, like the recent movies and Batman: The Animated Series, have done it so well that it’s a tough act to follow. We decided to take a new approach, one that hasn’t been done before.

Instead of featuring Batman as the sole hero, or with the Batman family, the series pairs Bats with various superheroes from the rich DC universe. Appearances of obscure characters will definitely delight the hardcore fans, and looking at the list of upcoming partners, I can’t see Superman being mentioned anywhere!

The first episode, “The Rise of Blue Beetle!” paired Bats with Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) battling Kanjar-Ro in an alien planet. Batman served as the mentor cum “sidekick”, and he was even being all gracious about it! The episode started with a small scene with Green Arrow (a somehow younger-looking Ollie), where they introduced the recurring joke (if you call it a joke, that is) of Batman having everything in his utility belt.

I swear, I counted at least 7 gadgets/devices coming from his belt in this episode alone, which included a freaking sword. He’s like a bloody Doraemon or something. What a riot.

The next episode will feature Plastic Man. I predict I will laugh even harder.