It’s that time of the year again where dubiously nominated blogs tussle for votes in various categories, which ended up being filled with political blogs anyway: The 2008 Weblog Awards!

Once again, I’ll focus on the category of Best Asian Blog. Here are the nominees, in descending order of vote numbers (as of now):

  1. India Uncut blog: The blog column of India Uncut, featuring Amit Varma’s socio-political commentary and personal posts
  2. TokyoMango: Japanese culture blog by US-based Lisa Katayama (writer for io9 and Wired), featuring mindboggling and weird stuff the Japanese are usually up to
  3. Cambodia: Details Are Sketchy: a social commentary blog on Cambodia
  4. Ashin Mettacara: by the same-named Burmese monk, blogging about the crisis in Burma (Myanmar)
  5. The View from Taiwan: social commentary by Michael Turton, an expat living in Taichung, Taiwan
  6. Terra Byte (2007 nominee): personal blog of a queer Asian Australian (shouldn’t this be in the Australia/New Zealand or at least LGBT category instead?)
  7. EastSouthWestNorth: a news portal covering Chinese-specific issues
  8. Marina’s Bloggariffic (2007 nominee): personal and photography Singaporean blog
  9. I.Z. Reloaded (2007 nominee): a Singaporean blog, covering the weird and fascinating, ala-Boing Boing
  10. Fool’s Mountain: A U.S.-based collective of Chinese writers, writing on Chinese issues in English

I’m shocked, since there’s not many celebrity bloggers, and no Malaysian at all! I thought that Tun Dr. Mahathir’s Che Det would’ve deserve at least some recognition. However, with the inclusion of Tokyo Mango, this category has stepped up from the drab mob popularity contest of last year’s. There is evidently more socio-political blogs, and less personal blogs.

So far, India Uncut is leading the votes, with 130 votes over 2nd-placed Ashin Mettacara. However, it is still early in the races, and Marina’s Bloggarific might somehow rack up enough popularity votes to win the award like last year.

If you like this kind of thing, you can vote for any of the 48 categories here.