VOTE EARTHYesterday, I wrote a post lambasting both sides of those who, for the wrong reasons, followed Earth Hour and those who also didn’t. After letting the post brewing for one night, I decided to post this one instead. I think some people are happier left being bodoh sombong.

I was proud to see my always-bright hometown Putrajaya joined, and switched off almost all streetlights and building lights in Precinct 1 to 5. Going along the Putrajaya Boulevard, it was dark, save for the traffic lights and headlights of the onlookers.

The thing is, I hope everyone will lighten up. I wish everyone realise that Earth Hour is unashamedly NOT about reducing global warming or saving energy in that one hour by switching your lights off. It’s about “putting a vote” for Earth in a battle against global warming.

The Earth Hour might not do much, but if people can understand the importance of combating global warming with that measly hour, I think it has done it’s job already.

Wish I could’ve spent the hour with my darling. We would’ve been cuddling, hot coffee in our hands, just sitting, watching the world goes black.

Earth Hour with Pu3

Update (30/03/2009): TNB reported a drop of 550 MW drop in electrical usage during Malaysia’s Earth Hour.