Sabrina pointed out to me that PopTeeVee and Malaysiakini were live-streaming The Kini Current Show—a spin-off from their flagship show The Fairly Current Show—at 6-10 pm today. The show covered the results of the 3 by-elections in Bukit Selambau, Bukit Gantang and Batang Ai, interspersed with interviews, sketches, commentaries and acoustic performance by Azmyl Yunor.

Which is a very bright idea, considering international audience like students abroad can tune in to catch up on national politics and current issues. The co-hosts, Fahmi Fadzil, June Tan and Michelle Gunaselan were engaging and it’s a light-hearted show. The “interview” with the phantom voter was especially delightful. CNN and Facebook did the same thing during Obama’s inauguration, with a dedicated box which showed Facebook status updates from participating audience.

The Kini Current Show

The live stream also had graciously provided a chat box beside the video. Lo and behold, it was flooded with trolls, spam, profanities, irrelevant evangelism and abuse towards both sides.



Update (8.30 pm): I’m not sure why, but around 8.00 pm the chatters have generally sobered up and posting coherent insults (some are even civilised arguments) instead of just flooding. Consequently, most of them are conversing in English, rather than Malay as before.


Also, thankfully there is a minus-chat site provided by CGYNet. It requires installation of their proprietary P2P plug-in, but the quality was noticeably much better with crisp video and audio.