Because I love diagrams and charts:

Malaysian Cabinet 2009

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Not much to say, I’ll leave the political analysis to those who are more qualified.

There are 10 women out of 69, so around one-seventh. Not bad, until you realise that there are only 2 female ministers. TWO. That’s only around one-fifteenth, less than 7%. Still a long way to go, Malaysia. (Read Marina Mahathir’s thought on this issue here.)

I’m surprised that in order to make the cabinet leaner, Najib didn’t merge Higher Education with Education. From the moment Higher Education Ministry was formed, I have wondered what it is that Education can not handle that another ministry has to be formed. I think both ministry should have at least the same vision, and great understanding if the initiatives (e.g. PPSMI) are to not be wasted.

The newly-merged Energy, Green Technology and Water Ministry is a pleasant surprise. Granted, any green projects might not go that far in this country, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. This is definitely the freshest thing Najib has done so far.

Science, Technology and Innovation is still under Maximus Ongkili. Seriously, this man has brought NO innovation into this country! Science & Technology in Malaysia is in a sadly stagnantly state, with attention to all flash and no substance, like The Angkasawan Project. Biotechnology progress is retarded—what the fuck happened to BioValley? MIMOS has continued to make shitty products and kissing arses. I hope this man get the axe in 6 months if this continues.

I have big hopes for Rais Yatim under Information, Communications, Culture & Arts. Please, ditch the old men attitude and do not insult the public’s intelligence. Freedom of speech and free press, please. And please, please, please do not be such tight-asses with foreign artistes who have gone out of their way to visit and cheer their fans in Malaysia. It’s time for Singaporeans to be envious of us, for a change.

However, yesterday, the Ministry claimed “Korn’s heavy metal music and N.E.R.D’s “erotic style” could damage the morals of teenagers” in regard to Sunburst ‘09. Not a good start.