Read this news and tell me if you think the words “brazen”, “embarrassment” and “tainted” are justified:

Teen couple found sleeping in mosque

A TEENAGE couple were found sleeping together inside a mosque in Kedah, shocking local villagers with their brazen act, Harian Metro reported.

The duo, aged 16 and 17, were discovered by a mosque official who went to Masjid Al-Falah in Kampung Sungai Daun Atas, near Yan, for subuh prayers at about 5am on Sunday.

There was body contact but the two were fully clothed and they were not embracing, said Baharom Taib, 76.

He saw the couple when he switched on the lights. He woke them up before calling the imam.

“Their behaviour is an embarrassment to the people here. It has tainted the house of God, more so that they slept in the praying area,” he said.

This, he said, showed how teenagers these days had lost their values and become completely ill-mannered.

The boy, upon questioning, said he had bumped into his female friend earlier that day.

They rode on his motorcycle before they felt sleepy and decided to stop by at the mosque to rest.

A police report was lodged at the Guar Chempedak station.

Because I certainly don’t. Neither do I find with the phrase “teenagers these days had lost their values and become completely ill-mannered” uttered by the old man valid.

If you take a step back, the story is so simple: two musafirs, travellers, decided to rest in a mosque during their travel. They happened to be a couple.

Considering how the body contact was reported nonchalantly rather than the journalist or the said old man bursting into fits, it suggests minor contact, rather than an outright travesty.

Don’t be misled, it’s not really a case of a teenage couple found sleeping together inside a mosque. It’s a case of a teenage couple found taking shelter, sleeping inside a mosque together; see the difference?

A lot of employees steal naps in mosques during working hours all the time, and even more during fasting season. The ladies even participate in direct selling in them. Those are embarrassing.

In fact, I think the boy made a perfectly sane and practical decision of resting when he felt sleepy while riding. Otherwise, he might’ve crashed his bike, killing both of them. Rather than picking a sleazy and decrepit rumah tumpangan, he sought shelter at a mosque, which might be the only thing stopping them from actually sleeping together.

Seeing as a police report was lodged anyway, maybe a rumah tumpangan was the better choice anyway. Poor boy.

Then again, this was from Harian Metro, a second-rate tabloid not known for its journalistic quality nor substance, targeted to gullible Malays who are looking for exactly these kind of stories. Nothing much to comment there.