Power Girl #1 (2009_7) - Page 1

Cover by Adam Hughes

Power Girl is undeniably a unique DC character.

She is unashamedly a sex symbol, with her ridiculously well-endowed figure, much to the disgust of certain groups (read: women). However, unlike Supergirl’s goody looks and schoolgirl innocence, her post-Kingdom Come appearances are almost always depicted as a bit butch and muscular.

It seems so far, the only justification for Power Girl relevance in DC Universe is her tragic multiversal background. Pre-Crisis, she was Kara Zor-L, the cousin of Earth 2’s Superman, an alternate version of Supergirl. Post-crisis, she was folded into New Earth, where she had always kept a sense of not belonging. She eventually found the post-Infinite Crisis Earth-2 in Justice Society of America Vol. 3 Annual #1 , but another Power Girl was already existing in that world, as nature righted itself. Power Girl was lost, but eventually found family again in the JSA.

For such an iconic character, her appearance in DCU had so far consisted of her JSA adventures. Like Black Canary in the Justice League, Power Girl was appointed the chairwoman of the latest incarnation of the JSA. She was featured in the first 4 issues of JSA Classified that dealt with her being an anomaly in the New Earth. She made appearances in JLA titles too, particularly in The Lightning Saga arc. Her appearances in Superman/Batman were much humorous in nature: distracting the new Toyman with her assets in #4 , and there was the time where Superman was made to swap body with her (Batman with Huntress) in #27 for a fully gratuitous issue. In the last Crises, she had not made any explicitly important contribution.

Now Power Girl is set to make her mark in DCU with the launch of her own series! Power Girl #1 shipped 2 weeks ago, with writing by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti (Countdown, Jonah Hex). Pencilling the series is none other than Palmiotti’s long-time partner Amanda Conner. There’s no one else more deserving, since for the past few years, Power Girl’s image was very much in her hands.

So far, the series has been mostly fun, with over-the-top adventures and bright palettes. The first issue even spent some time poking fun at Power Girl. Here are some examples:

Power Girl #1 (2009_7) - Page 12

Power Girl #1 (2009_7) - Page 18

Stop messing with her globes!