I found that every week, I desire to review the comics I’ve read since there are some really good comics that I think people should pick up. The review I planned every week was too short a review for a full post, but too long to tweet. Also, in some weeks there would be some new titles debuting, and some of them turned out to be totally kick-ass.

So, I decided to start a weekly column ala-Chris Sim’s The Invincible Super Blog (ISB). Every week, I’ll write a column detailing which comics I got from last week, do some one-liner reviews on them, and then some short reviews on titles that I find really awesome that week.

I read a wide variety of stuff from a number of publishers, but I will be leaning more towards DC and Vertigo.

Also, there’ll be SHITLOADS of spoilers.

Don’t forget to leave your comments!

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Here’s what I got last week…

  • Agents of Atlas #5
  • Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3
  • Captain Britain and MI13 #13
  • Ex Machina #42
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1
  • Jack of Fables #34
  • Lockjaw and The Pet Avengers #1
  • Oracle: The Cure #3
  • Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time: Dragonmount #0
  • Superman/Batman #60
  • The Unknown #11
  • Trinity #51

Battle for the Cowl got wrapped up with the apparent demise of Jason Todd and a goddamn tease of the new Batman in the end. Oracle apparently didn’t get her cure, which will keep us guessing who the hell the new Batgirl is.

Last week’s Agents of Atlas was the best issue yet, go read the review in The ISB. Lockjaw & The Pet Avengers was really cute—they got me by putting Speedball’s cat Hairball in it.

Considering the last book of The Wheel of Time is NOT gonna come out anytime soon, I’m really stoked that Dabel Brothers Publishing finally used their licence by doing a comic version of the franchise. This first effort is quite unremarkable in the beginning, but later when they get to Lews Therin Thelamon’s Breaking of the World, it was pretty tight.


FC Aftermath 1 Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #1: Super Young Team was a hell of over-the-top team, with superficial Japanese youngsters Most Excellent Superbat, Big Atomic Lantern Boy, Shiny Happy Aquazon, Shy Crazy Lolita Canary and Well-Spoken Sonic Lightning Flash. They’re as crazy shit as the Japanese can pull off. We met them first in Final Crisis, and now they get their own spin-off, which is a part of the Final Crisis Aftermath series. In Final Crisis, they were nothing but obsessive kids with gaudy costumes, but here you can finally see their powers. The bonus point? This must have been the first comic to use Twitter as a way for the hero to show his thoughts. Good move there, Joe Casey.

JOF 34 Jack of Fables #34: How awesome can a Jack of Fables issue be without Jack himself? Very awesome indeed, especially when you have Snow White and Bigby Wolf taking over while Jack is now in Fables…all part of The Great Fables Crossover. When Matthew Sturgess and Bill Willingham created The Literals, all the other writers must had been banging their head to miss such a great idea. With The Literals, they get to poke fun at fiction genres and their clichés. ‘Western’ has been revived uncountable times. ‘Superhero’ has “died so many times that the readers barely notice it anymore”. The only thing more awesome than that, was seeing Bigby turned into a giant pink circus elephant. And then a cute little girl.

SB 60Superman/Batman #60: This must be one of the few series left where Batman is still around. Let’s face it, Superman/Batman has been nothing but an engine to deliver the most ridiculous premises ever. But we’ll read it anyway, because it has Superman AND the goddamn Batman in it. The last few issues have been too gimmicky for my taste, but this issue is brilliant. Somehow (“somehow” is used to explain Superman/Batman a lot) the pair got transported into a parallel world where everything was melded. There’s Gothamopolis, with Justice Titans patrolling it. We get to see Star Canary, Night Lantern, Donna Wonder and The Flash. But The Flash was a Wally Allen…well, you get the idea. Now guess who’s the main villain?

The Unknown 1 The Unknown #1: BOOM! Studios has been churning out solid titles like Hexed and Irredeemable. Not bad at all for a new publisher. It’s just too sad that most of them, just like this debuting title, are miniseries. I seriously had no idea what this one was gonna be about, but I can say I am pleasantly surprised. Which happens EVERY fucking TIME I pick up the studio’s titles. The Unknown tells the story of Catherine “Cat” Allingham, a super-rich super-detective and her strong-arm ex-bouncer help James Doyle as they take on a case of the supposedly first “Quantum Crime”. Yeah, I have no fucking idea what that means too. Oh, also Cat has a tumour, with only 6 months left to live. She’s also crazy. Like, hallucinating crazy.