I don’t know what it is about the Malaysian entertainment industry, but only in right-wing Mingguan Malaysia’s entertainment spread can you find a column that judges a movie not on its own merit, but on the hero’s background.

A few months back, a paranoid article on Superman being a Jewish propaganda was circulated in Malay papers. This week, this paper crucified John Connor from Terminator Salvation for being born out of wedlock.

The article (in Malay) starts by detailing that John Connor was the son of Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor, born out of wedlock. John Connor is therefore, in definition, a bastard. It goes on by conveniently describing his childhood as nothing but a mix of video games and drugs. Somehow, this bastard goes on to be a messiah and saves mankind from destruction.

A bastard as the saviour of mankind does not sit well with the writer, I guess.

Another example given was in Kingdom of Heaven where another bastard grew up to be the kind-hearted and brave leader of Christian Palestinians. “What’s wrong with being a bastard?”, the article asked sarcastically. “A bastard is just the same as others: he can be virtuous, purposeful, scholarly and overall an excellent person”.

Exactly, no need to be sarcastic. That IS the truth.

You can go on by padding the rest of the article on how the Western media is glamorising fornication, but it’s not going to make the article more relevant to the movie industry. Where do we get off by judging others with our standard? We hated it when the Westerners do so to us, but here we are hypocritically doing the same.

You want to say that how deviant and blasphemous Hollywood is for elevating a bastard to a hero? You want to play it that way?

Let’s take a look at the Malaysian movie industry for the past decade.

Almost all comedies had morons as heroes, because apparently Malaysians can’t “get” smart comedies. ALL Senario movies featured insufferable dunces. ALL movies starring Saiful Apek had a certified retard dimwit as the hero.

Don’t even start on the current du jour! Remp-It, KL Menjerit, Evolusi KL Drift and Impak Maksima glorified hoons and thugs who tried to get themselves killed on a nightly basis.

Bohsia (the full title is misleading, it should be called just Bohsia) had floozies who fuck for money and cheap status from those said hoons.

Look me in the eye and tell me how these unsavoury characters are any better than a child who didn’t have any say being born out of wedlock!

Those crass movies sold. Quite extravagantly, if I might add. Because you know what? We don’t really fucking care if our heroes are idiots or hoons or sluts or bastards.

If you ask me, compared to seeing those abominable rempits and bohsias on screen pretending to be heroes like monkeys in suits, give me my bastard hero anytime.