Runaways #10 Page 6Here’s what I got last week…

  • Avengers: The Initiative #24
  • Buck Rogers #0
  • Dark Reign: The Hood #1
  • Dark Reign: Elektra #3
  • Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #3
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #1
  • Green Lantern #41
  • Hellblazer #255
  • Ignition City #3
  • Justice League of America #33
  • Justice Society of America #27
  • Madame Xanadu #11
  • Runaways #10
  • The Immortal Iron Fist #26
  • The Last Days of Animal Man #1
  • The Literals #2
  • The New Avengers #53
  • The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #11
  • Tiny Titans #16
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Official Movie Adaptation #2
  • Trinity #52
  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #6

Trinity is finally wrapped, not with a bang, but with a boring whimper. Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk is now finished, with Logan and Hulk being friends, so thank God.

How come I’ve never realised how hot Elektra is before? My mind must have been blocked with lousy Jennifer Garner and her not-skin-baring leather suit. Thank you Clay Mann for the hot drawings in Dark Reign: Elektra! Meanwhile, Dark Reign: The Hood is probably the best Dark Reign spin-off I’ve read yet: you’re awesome, Jeff Parker. Ooh! There’s a Brunei royalty in an Arab suit in it, who is called fucking Bubu Marzouk. He must either be the Bruneian with the coolest name around, or the most douchey.

The Buck Rogers preview looked awesome, so I’ll make sure to pick up the first issue. The new addition to Final Crisis Aftermath, Ink, seems like it’s just trying to fill the “black comics” quota rather than advance some good stories, just like the current JLA.

Talking about “black comics”, The New Avengers premiered our new Sorcerer Supreme: it’s Brudder Vooooodooooo!


Madame Xanadu #11 Madame Xanadu #11: It’s a new arc! Right after Madame Xanadu settled her differences with The Phantom Stranger, here comes Michael Kaluta as the new penciller. Kaluta’s drawings have this classical look, which I guess fits Madame Xanadu’s new maturity, as opposed to Amy Reeder Hadley’s innocent manga-style depiction that I have grown fond of. Instead of the naive and reckless girl, we now see her as the familiar mysterious seer, offering her skills to the needy. “Enter freely, and be unafraid,” says the sign on her haven. Oh, and hey! Lesbian sex flashback!

Runaways #10 Runaways #10: The thing that has always set the Runaways apart—and makes me like them so much—from their teenage counterparts is that they don’t actually want to be superheroes. They just want to run away, and live happy. After the shockingly dismal run by Terry Moore, the title gets a break with these issue of 2 short stories. And it it probably the BEST Runaways issue. Evar. In the first half by Chris Yost, Molly “Princess Powerful” Hayes gets an invitation to tour the X-Mansion and annoy the hell out of the X-Men. Meanwhile, The New X-Men confronted the rest of the Runaways, and instead of beating the hell of each other like adults do in team-ups, they go…clubbing. In the second half by James Asmus, they played a naughty truth-or-dare that went wrong. Best. Runaways. Evar.

The Immortal Iron Fist #26 The Immortal Iron Fist #26: This title is a wuxia series that reached manga-like proportion starting with the “7 Cities of Heaven” arc. There was this fighting tournament between crazy characters that represented each cities, and just like in mangas, the contestants became friends afterwards, to find the mythical eighth city. After being imprisoned in the eighth city for the last issues, Iron Fist and co. finally got out. Tired as hell and on the verge of death, Iron Fist returned to Rand Corp. deserted and in ruins. Dun dun dun!!

Can we have more of Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter please?

The Last Days Of Animal Man #1 The Last Days of Animal Man #1:

With a title like that, you don’t really expect to see a young Buddy Baker. You see him now in a mid-life crisis, arguing with a now very successful wife. Buddy now manages a stuntman rather than being one himself. He’s also still San Diego’s resident superhero, but the years seem to catch up on him. He’s losing his powers at the unfortunate times, and on the final page we see him falling over a building…Is this the end of Animal Man?

Of course not, there are still 5 issues to go.