Agents of Atlas #6 (2009_8) - Page 20

Here’s what I got from last week…

  • Agents of Atlas #6
  • Astro City: The Dark Age, Book 3 #2
  • Batman and Robin #1
  • Captain Britain and MI13 Annual #1
  • Dark Avengers #5
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #2
  • House of Mystery #14
  • Irredeemable #3
  • New Avengers: The Reunion #4
  • Seaguy: Slaves of Mickey Eye #3
  • The Authority v4 #11
  • The Boys #31
  • The Mighty Avengers #25
  • The New Avengers: Reunion #4
  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Official Movie Adaptation #3
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #133
  • Ultimatum #4

Last week was quite ho-hum, and everything seemed to pale in comparison to the most awaited series this month, which is the awesome Batman and Robin. Everyone had foam in their mouths declaring their love for it, and I can confirm that it is super awesome. Make it ultra-awesome! But we’ll go into that later.

Things were a bit crazy in The Mighty Avengers where Hank Pym was planning to whoop Reed Richards’ ass in an almost maniacal fervour. “It’s on, bitch,” said Hank. Frankly, I won’t mind more of that hilarious catfight in comics.

Oh, Namor had a kiss with his cousin Namora in Agents of Atlas. But somehow they’re not really blood-related through some twist or whatever. Still…Namor really needed to get some, he has always been really grumpy.

The Reunion is done, but I won’t see anyone crying over it. Seaguy on the other hand…had been a brilliant surreal ride, and with three issues for each arc, it was too short. But with the mindfuck the series present every other issue, I’m not sure our brains can sustain more than three.

I’m not too sure that Jeph Loeb have heard our plea for not fucking up the Ultimate Universe anymore, but the #4 is probably the best Ultimatum yet. Which means it is still crappy, but it’s certainly readable. Somebody had to die, I think they have this one death quota per issue, and this time it’s Doctor Strange. Man, he is really Marvel’s victim of the year.


Batman and Robin #1 (2009_8) - Page 1Batman and Robin #1: Huzzah! Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely have finally done with Batman what they had done to Superman through All-Star—presenting a fresh new take full with absurdity and action. The dynamic between Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne (come on, that is SO NOT a spoiler) is lovable. Dick is the insecure leader, growing into Bruce’s shoes while mentoring the bratty and insufferable Damian. They both have their own quirks that you can easily know that this is no Bruce and Tim. I don’t know if Quitely did it intentionally, but you can see from Batman’s stance and posture that it’s not Bruce: his chest wasn’t as out, his shoulders a bit slouched. Damian meanwhile, called Alfred “Pennyworth”. That snotty brat. This is a MUST READ.

Captain Britain and MI13 - Annual #1 (2009_8) - Page 1 Captain Britain and MI13 Annual #1: This annual focused on Meggan, Captain Britain’s wife which was lost in hell back in House of M. The first half showed her coping with her situation, and raising an army in hell with her happy memories. It’s the second half drawn by Adrian Alphona that’s the best though: where else can you find superheroes playing cricket? I just can’t resist when superheroes do normal stuff, and this one is just too good. You can see Blade being the token American, all confused, in his baseball shirt. Compare him to Faiza, who is just a cricket nut (well, she is Pakistani). The final panels where Brian contemplates whether to give Faiza an easy break to increase her confidence, or to play tough love, is just an example on how good Paul Cornell’s writing is.

Final Crisis Aftermath - Run! #2 (of 6) (2009_8) - Page 1 Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #2: I think Matthew Sturges is having tremendous fun writing Human Flame as such a bastard. After starting the issue with throwing three corgis out the window, HF tried to steal Heat Wave’s flame gun right under his nose. He was then introduced to a ludicrous supervillain group by Condiment King, who spoke lines like “Mayo I intercede on the gentleman’s behalf” and “I’m so thrilled you mustard up the courage”. Crazy dude. The group was even worse, with members like bionic athlete Sportsmaster, Mr. Polka-Dot, spider-like Brown Recluse, Miss Army Knife of many attachments, master of disguise Phoney Baloney, N-Emy that only speaks words starting with letter ‘N’ and Seductress, the um, “anatomically astonishing vixen”. Yeah. All is well when Human Flame is given a bionic makeover, with a new body with built-in flamethrowers…or is it not?

Ultimate Spider-Man #133 (of 133) (2009_6) - Page 1 Ultimate Spider-Man #133: This is a silent issue.