Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #4

Smart-ass Val Richards.

It’s time for another Coffee Over Comics session, or rather, Iced Mint Tea Over Comics! Here’s what I got from last week…

  • Captain Britain and MI13 #14
  • Dark Reign: Fantastic Four #4
  • Dark Reign: Hawkeye #3
  • Dark Reign: Mister Negative #1
  • Dark Reign: Young Avengers #2
  • Ex Machina #43
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance #2
  • Hellblazer #256
  • Incognito #4
  • Jack of Fables #35
  • Power Girl #2
  • Project Superpowers vol. 2 #0
  • Secret Six #10
  • Superman/Batman #61
  • The Mighty Avengers #26
  • Tiny Titans #17
  • Ultimate Spider-Man: Requiem #1

Another title joined the status quo-breaking crossover Dark Reign, and introduced the lesser known Spider-Man villain Mister Negative. I didn’t have a fucking clue who he is before this, and even after reading it, I have no fucking clue why he should have his own series. In contrast, DR: Young Avengers offered a more interesting take on the newly-introduced alternative Young Avengers and guess what, their leader is the son of…who’s that MILF anyway? Madame Hydra, no? Princess Python?! Gasp!

After a stellar start, the second issue of Power Girl chose to tell the origin of Ultra-Humanite, who declared that he literally wanted Power Girl’s body for himself. I hope they don’t do this every issue, I mean, I read this because I wanna see Pee Gee, you know. I’d have to ask Ultra-Humanite that with all the hunky superheroes around, why would he choose to inhabit the body with the most cumbersome assets?

You know those kind of stories that starts off with a bang, got to an exciting climax, and in the end all of it was actually just a dream? Well, Superman/Batman #61 IS that story, but somehow they just managed to justify it with Doctor Destiny. Bloody hell.

Now that Ultimate Spider-Man, FF and X-Men have released their final issues, it’s up to the 2-issue Requiem mini-series to tie up the loose ends. But seeing how Spidey’s Requiem is basically a flashback of one of his adventures with Iron Man, how the hell are they gonna wrap it up in the next issue?


Hellblazer #256 (2009_8) - Page 1 Hellblazer #256: This issue is the first in a 3-part arc, Hooked, and it’s the kind of story that makes you condemn John Constantine as a bastard again, right after he had redeemed himself! After falling out with a nice bird (yet again) and suffering from a paranormal problem of the skin, we see Constantine with another one of his many contacts. I really don’t know where he gets all these people, and sometimes you wonder how come you’ve never seen them before, especially if they’re such chums with JC. It was there and then that we find out what he’s up to: he wants a love potion. The love potion seemed to work on the ex, but she’s not the only one whom he used the potion on. There’s also this other demon…

Secret Six #10 (2009_8) - Page 1 Secret Six #10: After the brilliant Battle for the Cowl issue last month, Catman didn’t get much appearance in this one and neither did Ragdoll. However, this issue manages to be at the same time disturbing and fascinating. We see the lesbian Scandal comforting Bane (which had been sort of a caretaker of Scandal lately) after one of his Venom-withdrawal nightmares by sharing a bed with him. It’s a wonderful moment where we see the tenderness between two characters that share this weird platonic relationship. Another precious and unlikely scene occurred right before the end, where after the unscrupulous Deadshot shot an innocent while fulfilling a job, we witness Scandal and the supposedly tough Bane getting terribly upset (and by the look in his face, Catman as well) over the unnecessary murder. The line between heroes and villains has been made more blurry by this team of unlikely colleagues, and don’t be surprised now that a lot of people are actually LOVING them.

Tiny Titans #17 (2009_8) - Page 1 Tiny Titans #17: Tiny Titans is undeniably a great piece of work, behind all the kindergarten illustration and its target audience. It’s a fine piece of tribute to the DC Universe which also works as a parody. In this issue, we see Robin, Cyborg and Beast Boy scratching their head in Battle of the Cow, until Starfire and Bumblebee (nope, not that one) solved it in just one panel. Then we have Robin’s birthday (no clowns, of course) and we see him getting presents in the form of the different costumes of Nightwing (old and new), Earth-2’s Robin, Tim Drake, The Dark Knight Return’s girl Robin and even the Robin from Batman and Robin! For the kids, these scenarios are all fun, but for the adults, they are damn hilarious.