don't stop till you get enough, MJ

don't stop till you get enough, MJ

Michael Joseph Jackson (29 August 1958 – 25 June 2009). R.I.P.

I woke up earlier this morning after a disturbing nightmare, only to be faced with a worst news: Michael Jackson has been rushed to the hospital for cardiac arrest and he was not breathing. After waiting for more than hour listening to conflicted accounts and reports online, the fact remained: The King of Pop is gone.

Frankly, I don’t know why I was so affected by this news, I am terribly upset, more than I’ve cared about any other celebrity deaths before. Maybe just like millions of others grieving today, we all grew up with his songs, and one way or another were touched by the magic of his music.

I can only imagine how my girl Puteri is feeling today, she is a really big fan and it was her who made me rediscover MJ. In a way, MJ formed a connection between us, another reason why I was so affected. I know she wanted to see him live in concert one day—me too—but it seems our dreams will never come true. It’s the jeopardy of being into the oldies: all the artists you admire are already dead or on their way there.

The photo above is how I choose to remember him as. Questlove of The Roots said, and I agree with him:

I just hope that he will get due justice in all the press memorials and whatnot. I know he was mired in controversy the last decade of his life but I think it’s time we let him rest in peace and learn to separate the ART and the ARTIST. That is the MJ I will forever remember. Elvis got revisionist media treatment. I expect the friggin same for my hero.

Regardless of his eccentricities and wrong moves, at the peak of his career, the man was the biggest artist in history. I think he still is, and he earned that respect. It’s just like that David Chappelle sketch, no matter what the accusations are, HE MADE THRILLER, MAN.

THRILLER. Once the best-selling album in the world, it was 100% made out of hits.

I don’t care if he supposedly converted to Muslim or whatnot. That fact is irrelevant. He is in a better place now, away from the discerning eyes of the press and public.