Detective Comics #854 (2009_8) - Page 15

Is this an awesome panel or what? KAPOWW!!

Let’s get on with it…

  • Avengers: The Initiative #25
  • Captain America #600
  • Dark Avengers #6
  • Dark Avengers/X-Men: Utopia #1
  • Dark Reign: Elektra #4
  • Dark Reign: Lethal Legion #1
  • Dark Reign: The Hood #2
  • Dark Reign: The Sinister Spider-Man #1
  • Dark Reign: Zodiac #1
  • Detective Comics #854
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #2
  • Gotham City Sirens #1
  • Green Lantern #42
  • Justice League of America #34
  • Justice Society of America #28
  • Madame Xanadu #12
  • Secret Warriors #5
  • The Immortal Iron Fist #27
  • The Last Days of Animal Man #2
  • The New Avengers #54
  • The Transformers: Spotlight – Cliffjumper

Phew! FOUR new spin-off titles just joined the Dark Reign series, and Marvel used this opportunity to rehash lesser known characters: the Grim Reaper-led (brother to Wonder Man) Lethal Legion and a new Zodiac. DR: The Sinister Spider-Man was the only one that caught my attention, on the strength of Chris Bachalo’s anti-realism drawings alone.

Urgh, the price of keeping up with crossovers! At least I’m actually looking forward to The Blackest Night.

The Batman: Reborn arc is launched full scale with a number of titles including the recently-reviewed Batman and Robin. Among all the titles involved, I picked up Detective Comics and Gotham City Sirens, just because they both have hot girls in them. Detective Comics #854 was awesomely groundbreaking and pretty (more on that later). On the other end of the spectrum, we have Gotham City Sirens, which basically can be summed down to this one panel:

Gotham City Sirens #1

Oh, yeah.

Thankfully, JLA finally wrapped up the arc where they introduce the newly-assimilated Dakotaverse characters from Milestone Media, which was quite torturous to go through. I hope I don’t have to go through the same phase with the new Red Circle characters.

The Immortal Iron Fist and Madame Xanadu continued their run of stellar writings, as always. We see a flashback of Wendell Rand while Danny was reunited with Misty Knight, who was actually pregnant with Danny’s child, much to his surprise. Having him talk family with Luke Cage was brilliant. Madame Xanadu meanwhile had a run-in with Dian Belmont (Wesley Dodd’s wife) while the flashback showed her clashing with the Inquisition.


Captain America #600 (2009_8) - Page 1

Captain America #600: Yes, Steve Rogers might not be dead. He wasn’t shot with a normal gun, whatever that means. Read the upcoming Captain America: Reborn to find out more. Man, I’m just bummed to know Captain America is not dead! I actually liked Bucky as the new Cap: his outfit is badass, and he carries a gun! I think that Steve Rogers’ death had been diluted somehow with his revival, something I also feel for Barry Allen.

Regardless, this issue is a fitting tribute to the patriot, and worthy to commemorate the magic number of 600. We get a gorgeous origin spread by Alex Ross, seven mini-stories written by Ed Brubaker, two stories by Roger Stern and Mark Waid, a piece by Joe Simon and a reprint of a Stan Lee original from 1942. Overall, a good bargain. Which one’s my favourite? It was the Waid story, a nostalgic piece of Rogers’ items auctioned to people who actually treasured them, with the most expensive item bought by none other, Tony Stark.

Detective Comics #854 Detective Comics #854: Topless Robot led an argument of the representation of the LGBT community in the comics industry—after the recent revelation of Shatterstar’s orientation—and agreed that DC is more progressive by letting the lesbian Batwoman lead Detective Comics. Not only is Batwoman the star, the backup story featured Renee Montoya, the new Question, who is also an established lesbian. This must be progress, no?

However, that’s not even the best thing about this issue. A new run carrying over from Batman’s demise has Greg Rucka writing while J.H. Williams provides one of the most striking and brave illustrations readers have ever seen lately. With no regard for conventional nine-box panelling, Williams created edgy and sharp panels, giving the illusion of kinetic and moving the story along effectively. The new Batgirl will be out soon, and we will get a number of strong heroines competing with the new Dark Knight for readers’ attention.

The Last Days Of Animal Man #2 The Last Days of Animal Man #2: After the last issue, I thought this series will be just another run-of-the-mill story. I have been proven wrong. This issue had totally blindsided me with the completely wacky and out-of-nowhere scenes. First up, we have a Green Lantern of the future. Not only was he not a human, he’s a fucking alien WHALE! Then we found out that Mirror Master had sired a daughter, a chick wearing futuristic body suit who called herself…Prismatik! Finally, just when Buddy was beating the girl to pulp, he was stopped by the future JLA, which members included Superman, Power Girl, a modern Red Tornado, Starfire, Nightwing (??!!!) and a BLACK Flash! No, not that Black Flash. Black, as in, Afro-American.