This week is so exciting, I haven’t been this excited for so long! w00t w00t! I got these:

  • Agents of Atlas #7
  • Batman and Robin #2
  • Captain America: Reborn #1
  • Echo #13
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Run! #3
  • Greek Street #1
  • Green Lantern Corps #38
  • Justice League: Cry for Justice #1
  • Marvel Divas #1
  • Runaways vol. 3 #11
  • Secret Six #11
  • The Transformers: All Hail Megatron #12
  • The Unwritten #2

Not much compared to last week, BUT HELL IT’S EXCITING! Okay, I’ll shut up now.

Three magic words: “Blackest Night begins!” Whoa, finally! Oa just survived an attack from Red Lanterns, the Guardians have legalised execution of prisoners without mercy, Honor Lanterns Guy and Kyle got reprimanded and due to suspension, and the birth of the Black Lantern rings…all in issue 38 of GLC! After some wrapping up in the other book, we’ll finally get to see the biggest crossover this year.

After all the hype, JL: Cry for Justice was a tad disappointing. Odd choices of members (Congorilla, the obscure Starman Mikaal and Freddy Freeman) makes this book not particularly interesting, despite the beautiful painted art by Mauro Cascioli. Green Lantern & Green Arrow has an already well-known partnership, so at least there’s something to be anticipated with inclusion of Supergirl and Ray Palmer. I won’t invest much passion into this anyway, James Robinson has said it himself that this miniseries is just a vehicle for him to usher the new status quo for upcoming JLA arcs.

Another month, another new title from Vertigo, master of alternative genres. Before reading it, I imagined Greek Street to be just like another chapter of Hellblazer, what with Peter Milligan writing it. So far, it’s not that engaging, but it is very disturbing. To quote Grant Morrisson, “Sex, death, ambition, revenge and a reminder that some stories are too true and too dangerous to ever die. GREEK STREET crackles with Promethean fire.”

And oh, hey! DC put out the advertisement for Wednesday Comics on all their titles! Anyone getting it?


Batman and Robin #2 Batman and Robin #2: If the power-duo Morrisson and Quitely keep delivering ace issues month after month like this, I bet this won’t be the last time you’ll see this title recommended in my column. If their previous effort All-Star Superman was a sci-fi and surreal masterpiece, make no mistake with this one: Batman and Robin is straight up action and drama (but MORE of the action).

This issue is basically about Dick’s frustration over the public’s acceptance of his Batman and the seemingly impossible task to rein Damian in (“I sounded so fake, like a kid trying to do Batman’s voice”). The scene where Dick related his experience to Alfred spawned some great lines, and when there’s not much dialogue, you get awesome fight scenes. Keep up the good job, guys.

Captain America: Reborn #1 Captain America: Reborn #1: We were teased on his comeback in the issue #600 of the flagship title, and this miniseries pretty much confirms Cap’s return. After DC going all out with Barry Allen, Bart Allen and Conner Kent’s resurrections, let’s see how Ed Brubaker tackles this one. So far, nothing much has been revealed but flashbacks, but at least now we know where Cap was…

Marvel Divas #1 Marvel Divas #1: I have a confession: I actually quite like this first issue of Marvel Divas. Don’t be fooled by the sexy cover that got some people hot under the collar, the four unlikely mates (Black Cat, Hellcat, Firestar and Photon) were not once in costume.

Just like the creator described it, it’s a bit like Sex and the City for superheroines, but it’s not really as bad as it sounds. There’s the standard quota for the bimbo (Hellcat), the slut seductress (Black Cat), the strong one (Photon) and so far…the dramatic one (Firestar). I won’t mind going through a couple of issues from this miniseries, if only to get a change from the normal capes stories.

The Unwritten #2 The Unwritten #2: It looks like Harry Potter pastiche Tommy Taylor came out at a too convenient time, but I must say that past the whole “wizard with 2 best friends fighting evil” thing, Tommy Taylor’s story is much different. The first issue has set an intriguing story, and with this issue, the line between fictional Tommy and the real one starts to blur.

Now, was Tommy based on Tom, or was Tom ACTUALLY Tommy?

Tune in for the next issue in this totally engrossing title.