Barack the Barbarian #1 Here’s what I got last week:

  • Astro City – The Dark Age: Book Three #3
  • Barack The Barbarian #1
  • B.P.R.D.: 1947 #1
  • Green Lantern #43
  • House of Mystery #15
  • Irredeemable #4
  • North 40 #1
  • Prototype #4
  • The Authority vol. 4 #12
  • The Boys #32
  • The Literals #3
  • Transformers Spotlight: Metroplex

The Great Fables Crossover officially ended with the third and final issue of The Literals, and it ended with no less than a literal Deus Ex Machina. Hurmph. I guess I can either feel cheated, or be glad that everyone will return to their respective books, and finally get to see what Mister Dark is up to.

Everyone seems to be comparing WildStorm’s new North 40 to Vertigo’s Greek Street which came last week. Both of them have horror elements, but I think North 40 wins out. It tells the story of a small town affected by the summoning of a Lovecraftian God: some of them became monsters, some obtained superpowers.

I picked up Barack The Barbarian, frankly, because it was so goddamn weird, I thought I might get a laugh out of it. I expected it to be a shameless cash-in like Spider-Man or Youngblood, but it was a quite funny political satire, with Hilaria of The Cult of Biil, The Despot Boosh and Red Sarah The Fighting Queen of The North all making appearances. There is a twist too on a dystopian future and the story-telling of myths. Not too bad.


B.P.R.D. - 1947 #1 B.P.R.D.: 1947 #1: There are two things that I love about this new arc of B.P.R.D. First, it tells the story of a group of men that became the precursor to the current B.P.R.D. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember that before there were The Big Red, Abe, Liz, Johann Krauss and Roger, the bureau were just men, and most of the time they drafted not of their own will. This had been addressed before in B.P.R.D.: 1946, and there is an absolute chance that this one will be as good a story as 1946.

Secondly, it features the art from the wonder-twins Gabriel Bá AND Fábio Moon, both of whom had worked on Casanova separately. Bá also draws for The Umbrella Academy, and when I first saw his art, it was obvious to me that he was influenced a lot by Mignola. Fabio has a similar style too, and having both of them on a B.P.R.D. book makes a lot of sense.

Green Lantern V4 #43 Green Lantern #43: Finally, we get to the start of Blackest Night! This issue didn’t really have much Green Lantern in it, as mostly it showed the origin of Black Hand. We get flashbacks of a sick mind that grew into the perverted villain Black Hand. Finally, his obsession with death led him to suicide, but not before the tainted Guardian, Scar, regurgitated black ooze and black rings…and Black Hand rose up as the embodiment of death, just like Parallax and Ion with fear and willpower.

Adding to this, there were two spread pages showing the names of some superheroes and villains who have died. It seems that no-one is spared for Black Lanterns.

Irredeemable #4 Irredeemable #4: Why is this issue awesome?

It has The Plutonian destroying Singapore into pieces, because they were too kiasu.

Take that, you filthy neighbours! Haha!