Now that San Diego Comic-Con 2009 has finally wrapped up, here is a top ten list of what I thought were the most exciting announcements or happenings in SDCC:

  1. Google Comic Doodle and iGoogle Themes
    Just before SDCC started, Google revealed a new Google Doodle featuring DC characters Batman, Plastic Man, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and Robin. The doodle was pencilled by Jim Lee, inked by Scott Williams and coloured by Alex Sinclair. Google also introduced a new line of awesome comic iGoogle themes, with characters from all spectrum.
  2. Marvel Iron Man and Wolverine Anime
    Whoever knew that after the critical success of G.I. Joe: Resolute, Warren Ellis was working on two anime projects for Marvel? Not a lot of people apparently, and most of us were left in the dark until Ellis made the announcement on his blog the night before SDCC.

    Check out these teaser trailers:

    Iron Man as a mecha animation really rocks, and although Wolverine looks a bit funky, the vibe is just brutal. Ellis did also say that “nothing in here reflects the actual content, just the design and the aesthetic and the animation” and it’s just test animation “intended to show off the style of the piece only”.

  3. Marvel Acquired Marvelman
    After countless years in legal limbo, Marvel has finally acquired the rights to Marvelman, also known as Miracleman (ironically because of some legal complications with Marvel back then), and announced it by this sweet teaser by Joe Quesada himself:

    Marvelman was infamously known as the rip-off of Captain Marvel, until the reinvention done by Alan Moore and afterwards, Neil Gaiman in the 1982 revamp. They are an excellent read, and I’m hoping there will be reprints of the old series.

    Brush up your Marvelman 101 here in a guide by Robot6.

  4. Iron Man 2 Footage Shown
    I haven’t personally seen the exclusive footage of Iron Man 2, not being there myself, but Wired and io9 have reported bad-ass scenes of Nick Fury and Stark meeting in a donut store, Stark fucking around with a congressional hearing, Whiplash with his crackling electric whips, Rhodey with War Machine parts, and Black Widow ScarJo in slinky catsuits. Yums.

    So for now, we’ll just have to make do with the sweded version:

  5. Tron Legacy Teaser Trailer Revealed
    Tron 2 Tron Legacy has upped the hype with the appearance of a lifesize model of a light cycle and a new teaser trailer. To those who can still remember Tron and be excited about this, congratulations, you’re old:

  6. Green Lantern Oath Gets Into Guinness
    During the screening of Green Lantern: First Flight, Bruce Timm led the whole audience in reciting the Green Lantern oath (which unsurprisingly, everybody knows by heart) and the effort was recognised by The Guinness World Records as the largest recitation of oath. Nice work.
  7. Jonah Hex and More Megan Fox Sluttiness
    We finally get a teaser poster of DC’s low-key production:
    And io9 reported that the footage shown was full of supernatural awesomeness, and hooker Megan Fox was appropriately slutty. Yeay.
  8. District 9: One of the Best Movies in 2009?
    Aside from some convincing viral marketing, District 9 had managed to fly under the radar for most part of the year. Set in Johannesburg, it follows Wikus, as he leads a team to evict alien settlers who came to Earth 30 years ago from a slum called “District 9”, all told in a pseudo-doco style.A number of people were lucky enough to see the sneak preview of the Peter Jackson-produced film, and suffice to say that most of them were amazed by it. io9 has already called it “gripping, satirical, and gory, and was shockingly good” while Cinematical was awed and moved by its “awesomeness” and Wizard . Can’t wait to catch it in cinemas.

    Watch the trailer and decide for yourself:

  9. More Details on Avatar Released
    When you claim that your film will “revolutionize 3-D filmmaking”, you can not fault the people who were a bit disappointed after getting their expectations mighty high. However, most of the people who saw the 25-minutes footage of Avatar mostly agree that James Cameron’s work was a fine piece of CGI combined with great story-telling (unlike a certain Michael Bay). You can read the details on that footage from Cinematical, io9 or Ain’t It Cool News.
  10. Eisner Awards Winners Announced
    The winners for the Eisner Awards were announced and I am so happy that Bill Willingham won for his works in Fables and House of Mystery. Matt Fraction and Salvador Larocca’s Invincible Iron Man won Best New Series, and deservingly so. Lastly, All Star Superman and Hellboy: The Crooked Man finally got their recognition for Best Continuing and Limited Series. Aww yeah!