I found this flyer stapled on the notice board of Yayasan Mohammad Noah Mosque in Genting:

The flyer was advertising five “little preachers” aged five to nine years old from Al Fateh Islamic School of in Batam, Indonesia. These “little preachers”, said the flyer, are ready and willing to give their religious sermons anytime, whether in schools, offices or mosques.

Here’s the interesting part. The flyer claimed that they can lecture on these following topics:

  • Isra’ Mi’raj
  • Maulidurrasul (The Birth of The Prophet)
  • The Love of Allah
  • The Love of The Prophet
  • 5 Ways to Achieve Success in Life and the Afterlife
  • Pious Children
  • Death

et cetera.

The flyer ended with a reminder that roughly translates as:

Know that: Lessons from prepubescent children will grant repentance and stir the heart, Allah-willing

and a note clarifying that those speeches will be free of charge.

What amused me was not the photos of the “little preachers” with their commanding pose of fingers wagging, but rather the topics they cover.

Isra’ Mi’raj and Maulidurrasul are tales easy enough for them to simply memorise and narrate. The love of Allah and The Prophet, and about pious children too, are a bit abstract, but still easy doctrines to ingrain nevertheless.

What about achieving success in life and the afterlife then? Or for that matter, DEATH?

How likely is it that they understand said topics, much less master their depth and intricacies? In the case that they do really know what they are talking about, I can only despair at their lost innocence and childhood.

Don’t I wish to see them in action. Nothing scarier than a bunch of ankle-biters telling me that hell is waiting.

It makes me wonder how many people have seen them just for the novelty or their awesome cuteness.

Wait, if the talks are free, isn’t this unpaid child labour?

Yayasan Mohammad Noah Mosque