Update (21/02/2010): This is no longer applicable! Thank you.

Does your Facebook homepage look like this? Highlights bar cluttered with annoying tagged photos from evil distracting Fan Check or Pickup Friends applications?



With this (temporary) fix, you can hide them, and your bar will look a bit cleaner:


After: TADAAA!

This annoyance brings back memories of dozen stupid quiz updates appearing on your Facebook homepage. Luckily now we can hide those quiz results using filters on the homepage. The tagged photos however, are a bit harder since they automatically appear on the highlight bar, and you can’t filter them out by filtering a specific application.

Anyhow, I achieved the above by installing the Greasemonkey extension on Firefox, and using this handy script which will enable you to set what to show or hide on the highlights sidebar. After installing Greasemonkey on your Firefox, simply click the “install” button on the script page to install the script.

(I’m aware that Opera supports the script, and you can install scripts in IE7/IE8 using IE7Pro or iMacros, and in Chrome there are some tinkering you can do, but I’m afraid I don’t know the exact details since I use neither of these other browsers exclusively, sorry.)

After installing the script, there will be a tiny “Edit settings” link on top of your highlights bar, and clicking it will open the settings menu:

bar settings

Just click on “Hide tagged” and those tagged photos are gone! You can click “Show tagged” to bring them back on.

Of course, the downside is all other innocent tagged photos will be hidden too if you click “Hide tagged”.

You can also just collapse the whole highlights bar by clicking the tiny arrow beside “Highlights”.

That’s why this is great as just a temporary fix if you can’t stand all those tagged photos (I know I can’t) until Facebook bans the applications, regulate the apps’ sidebar manipulation or until the hype dies down and people stop using the apps. Considering people still do quizzes up until now, that might be a long time coming.

You can also use this script to hide any other annoyances on your highlights bar! As you can see from the snapshot above, you can also hide certain friends from it.

Good luck! =)

Note: Greasemonkey is an awesome Firefox extension that lets you manipulate a lot of things on the internet with different scripts. Lifehacker has a feature on how to use it with  Top 10 Greasemonkey User Scripts.