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Google “Malaysia” and “evolusi” together, and the first link that comes out is for “racing”-flick Evolusi KL Drift. FML.

This is where tackling the issue of evolution in Malaysia becomes rather tricky—it’s rarely because so many people oppose it. We just don’t talk about it much.

So let me get the ball rolling. What is evolution anyway?

To put it simply, theory of evolution explains how animals and plants change over time. This process of change is driven by a concept called natural selection, which means whichever species suits their environment best, will survive better on the average. To survive better, these animals and plants will adapt and change, causing variations after billions of years.

So why don’t we talk about it much? Chiefly it’s because the two main Abrahamic religions in Malaysia, Islam and Christianity are very much sensitive on the origin of human.

It’s understandable for Christians who believe in the Young Earth creationism (i.e. Earth was created in six days, and is only about a few thousand years old), but for Muslims, it’s simply baffling. Most would accept that the Big Bang did happen and billions-year-old fossils are real, but the mere mention of men descending from apes would make some go bonkers.

I have heard many instances of our students overseas who refuse outright to attend evolution classes, like the very act of learning is blasphemous.

Let me assure you, evolution does not even suggest that men came from apes, but that’s a story for another day.

Of course, there are attempts to reconcile evolution and creationism [English version]—an attempt which I think is futile at best—but isn’t it a wonder why this isn’t discussed more? Instead, authorities try their best to hush this up so there won’t be more who will question the status quo (just like they do with everything else).

Why are we, as a country, still in denial on evolution? It is the basis of modern biology, and one of the most important concepts in science. Just imagine the madness if the government suddenly decides to teach that the world is flat, or the Sun revolves around Earth!

Time and time again, why do we keep dismissing the theory of evolution, considering how much it affects our very lives? If we can’t agree on it, let’s at least talk about it more.

So, intelligent readers of PopIN, do you reject evolution? Or do you believe in the theory? Are you mostly confused? Do you think that there might be truth in it, but are still unconvinced? Do you think I’m talking total bullshit?

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