Yesterday, two friends moaned on Twitter that they find Twitter very boring. It’s not surprising how it’s boring, considering how infrequent they tweet.

I have since unfollowed them. Sorry, I only follow interesting people, and I don’t need to hear you bemoan about how lousy Twitter is every few weeks.

Twitter is immensely fun. Just ask those who just can’t stop tweeting every single day. If you don’t find Twitter fun, then you just haven’t been doing it right.

So how can you have more fun on Twitter?


Follow more people

This is pretty much given, but some people do just sit around following a few close friends and missing out on some real fun.

Some people say shortly after joining, that Twitter is no fun without your circle of friends around since you can not tweet each other. That is only partly true.

There are millions of other people tweeting. Following celebrities is a great way to learn how to tweet besides knowing their personal thoughts.

When I started tweeting, I followed comic book writers and artists to keep up with their latest projects. For you it might be famous actors, or musicians, or famous geeks, talk show hosts or whoever it is you love. Most of the time, they are already on Twitter.

Get a client

Tweeting on the Twitter website is okay, but it is certainly not that fun. Once you started following some people, it gets harder to keep track of conversations by using only the web interface. This is where clients, or specific softwares to handle Twitter, come in.

If you do not follow a lot of people, a single-column client might be for you. Popular ones include Tweetie, Destroy Twitter and Twitterrific.

But if you follow a lot of people, multi-column clients is the way to go. I prefer Tweetdeck, but Seesmic Desktop is also popular. What you can do with multi-column clients is you can group people, so it’s easier to keep up with important tweets from say, friends or people you really know. I have around ten columns separating friends, geeks, news, celebrities etc.

If you can not install a client (like in the office), I’d suggest using Seesmic Web or Brizzly, both great web-based clients. If you need invitation codes, leave your contact details in the comments.

That’s just for tweeting from your PC. For convenience, you might want to install a client on your mobile so you can tweet from anywhere. iPhones and Blackberrys have great clients (Tweetie, Echofon, TwitterBerry, UberTwitter), but other phones do too, with Java-based clients like Snaptu and Twibble.

You can also use services like gladlyCast. Once you sync your mobile number to the service, you can just text your tweets to a special number, and gladlyCast will tweet them for you. Dead simple.

Join in hashtags and memes

Hashtags (like #hashtags) are just tags used by tweeters to label their tweets, for searching convenience. At the same time, it gave rise to memes, where people tweet on the same theme and append the hashtags at the end.

For example, on Mondays, a lot of people will talk about their favourite music and tag it #musicmonday. The same on Fridays, where people recommend other people who they think you should follow, and tagging it #followfriday or #ff.

Every so often, you’ll find people playing and joking with other hashtags like #oneletteroffmovies or #threewordsaftersex. There are always new memes popping up every week, so keep an eye on them and join in.

What to tweet?

The beauty of Twitter is that you can tweet about whatever you like, and people won’t complain about it. Some people treat Twitter as a personal diary or journal. Some use it to share cool links they found. Some use it as a free alternative to texting with their friends.

You can ask for opinion on Twitter, and sometimes people will reply back. You can get reviews on the current happenings, or new films, or new music.

For me, Twitter lets me keep up with my friends’ lives, and tvice versa. It’s also a wonderful place to have intelligent discussions with several people at the same time.

Twitter’s biggest advantage is having access to real-time news (and nasty rumours). Nowadays, more and more news comes out on Twitter first before arriving on conventional outlets. If I want a picture of a certain topic at the moment, I’ll just search it on Twitter, and I can get what people are actually talking about it now.

Tweet more

Twitter is not like Facebook. Enough said.

Do you have any other ideas on how you make Twitter fun? Leave them in the comments.

I hope you enjoy this simple guide, and have fun on Twitter. Follow me @zurairi.