The sad thing about having birthdays in December is that it falls on school or summer holidays.

Therefore, along my childhood (and up until university), I never got the chance to have birthday parties together with friends and classmates. I guess this lack of sense of belonging spurred my interest to find who else share the same birthday with me.

Which lead to the horrible realisation a few days ago, that I share the same birthday with Rosmah Mansor. FML.

However, Lubna cheered me up yesterday by telling me that my birthday is also the Human Rights Day. “How cool is it?” she asked.

Pretty cool indeed.

So on this Human Rights Day and ahem, my birthday, let us all embrace diversity and end discrimination. We’re all born with the same human rights, and no-one can deny us that. Not the authority, not the government, and not religion.

Like Optimus Prime once said, “Human rights is the right of all sentient beings!” Or something equally similar, anyway.

Screw Rosmah, besides having Human Rights Day on my birthday, I also share my birthday with one of the most fantastic woman ever:

Ada Lovelace. Queen of Programming.

(not exactly a queen)

Lovelace was the daughter of the poet Lord Byron, and was very skilled in mathematics, that Charles Babbage dubbed her “The Enchantress of Numbers”.

Together with Charles Babbage, they paved the way for computing. Babbage had invented the difference and analytical engines, but it was Lovelace who saw the way to use them, with algorithms that are today known as “programs”.

Lovelace died at the early age of thirty-six from uterine cancer and bloodletting (a dubious pseudo-medicine act back then).

Or at least that’s what they tell you.

The truth is (or was) Lovelace and Babbage continued to expand their machines with funding from The Queen, and they used their technology to fight crime! AWW YEEAAAH!

Don’t believe me? Check out The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage.

lovelace and babbage

*p.s: Thank for all the lovely birthday wishes everyone! =)