Since my grandparents both passed away, we don’t really have much reasons to go balik kampung to Muar. So it is nice to find a new excuse for the family: food.

To find the best mee bandung in the world, you need to come to Muar; and to find the best in Muar, you go here:

You can't miss stall plastered with reviews & photos of famous patrons.

Abu Bakar Hanipah runs a stall in Restoran Wah San: 9A, Jalan Abdullah, Muar. They also have a stall in Tanjung Emas.

In a set-up typical to Muar and a lot of colonial towns, Abu Bakar prepares the food while the owners of Wah San prepares the drinks and other dishes.

Uncle with old legs preparing breakfast. Check out his teko.

The mee bandung was top notch, as always. We came early in the morning, so the lauk was generous. Besides the whole egg & sawi, there are beef pieces, sotong & small shrimps:

Mee was generous, but Uncle made my coffee a bit weak this morning.

They also serve toasts with kaya, half-boiled kampung eggs, nasi goreng and some wicked fried chicken (but I guess you’ve already read the menu in the first photo!). You can also buy ready-made spices to make your own mee bandung at home.

Likewise, the best asam pedas in the world can be found in Medan Asam Pedas Parit Jawa, in a small fishing town off Muar. [Location on Google Maps]

Last time, we already went to Mak Pon’s shop in the Medan Asam Pedas, so we decided to try Ani’s, which is located a couple of steps away. The restaurant had run out of ikan mayong (a type of catfish, with juicily tender meat), so finally we went to Mak Ngah’s which is just next door.

We ordered both tail & head; I prefer the head, of course.

A complete meal set of asam pedas comprises of the fish, some sayur campur & telur dadar. I added half telur masin:

I add kicap manis too, something I took from my late grandpa.

A visit to Muar is also not complete without buying some local coffee! I stocked up with Kopi 434 and Kopi Gajah from Sai Kee in town, at 34 Jalan Maharani.